Phicore “The meaning behind the name...”

Phicore Health Services, LLC, was founded by Rick Uncangco; a hearing conservation program (HCP) expert, on May 1st, 2005. The company officially opened its doors for business on September 28th, 2005, at the Governor’s Safety Conference held in Tacoma, WA.

Having served his previous employer (the largest HCP services provider in the Pacific Northwest) for more than 10 years as the Operations Manager, Rick and a few close friends in the industry have set out on their own to provide companies with comprehensive hearing conservation program services.

By building personal relationships with people, one company at a time, Phicore has become the premier “Hearing Conservation Program” (HCP) services provider in the Pacific Northwest. We are setting new and higher standards in the industry by using innovative techniques and modern technology to simplify the processes. This produces a higher quality product with faster service at a cost effective price, making it easy and affordable for companies to outsource their compliance needs to us!

We are a company with a passion for hearing conservation that utilizes a keen business sense. We work to build life long relationships with people, not superficial acquaintances with companies.

Phicore is dedicated and committed to servicing your needs personally with less interest in becoming a large corporation that continually wants more, but ultimately gives you less. Keeping it old school with customer service yet utilizing the most technologically advanced mobile health unit in the US for hearing tests, we will continually raise the bar of excellence in the hearing conservation industry!

Specializing in hearing conservation and noise level monitoring, Phicore will work with our clients to create highly effective and successful programs directing risk management now and into the future.

Understanding the difference between an effective hearing conservation program versus just a compliance one is the key to preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Phicore's services are delivered by experienced and dedicated employees who are passionate about hearing conservation and understand the difference. These individuals have this experience and expertise from servicing industries in the Pacific Northwest for more than 13+ years. Our relationships with our customers, the delivery of our final report in the most efficient ways, and the cost effectiveness of our pricing structure make us the obvious choice for servicing our clients’ compliance needs.

Why "Phicore" you ask? Allow me to explain...
Phicore is made up of two words: PHI and Core

                                      Phi equals Life… What is Phi?

Phi (Φ = 1.618033988749895...), most often pronounced fi like "fly," is simply an irrational number like pi
(π = 3.14159265358979...), but one with many unusual mathematical properties.The ratio, or proportion, determined by Phi (1.618...) was known to the Greeks as the "dividing a line in the extreme and mean ratio" and to Renaissance artists as the "Divine Proportion”. It is also called the “Golden Section, Golden Ratio and the Golden Mean”.

What makes phi unusual is that it can be derived in many ways and shows up in relationships throughout the universe. Phi appears in the proportions of the human body, the proportions of many animals, plants, DNA, the solar system, art and architecture, music, population growth, the stock market, the Bible, and in theology. Learn more about Phi at 

“I’ll take the Greek alphabet for a $1000 Alex,” answer “The number of Life”: “What is Phi?”

                    Core equals Friends...

Core represents the “Core Four” as we were called in the day. Myself and my closest friends that pulled me into this industry and showed me the way of the ear! They helped nurture and develop the passion for hearing conservation for which I have today. I pay tribute to them in the name for being there over the years, teaching me to never give up on my dreams, and to always follow my heart (or my ear as it is in this case!). 

If Phi equals Life and Core equals Friends
                         then Phi + Core = Life Friends

"Life Friends" is not only the meaning of Phicore, but it is the philosophy by which we conduct our business and the foundation by which we create our relationships with our customers. We are not in the industry to become the biggest and largest HCP service provider in the Pacific Northwest. We are in the industry to become the best! By creating and nurturing “lifelong friendships” with the people in our industry, we have become the new touchstone of service by which all other hearing conservation programs will follow!

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

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