Phicore's services are delivered to our clients by one of the most state-of-the-art mobile health services unit built in the United States today! We took extreme care in the custom construction of this vehicle, providing the highest level of sound proofing available to industry! Using the latest computerized audiometers, with multi-lingual instructions for hearing testing and the highest quality sound level meter and dosimeters, Phicore outperforms its competition with speed and efficiency without lacking the most important trait of all, customer service!

The mobile unit has the ability to test up to 8 employees at a time, which is 25% - 50% more than the 4-6 employees done currently by our competitors in the Northwest. The ability to test more in a shorter time reduces a lower cost per person for your company which adds more value for our services and creates a more cost effective solution for your hearing conservation program needs. 

The mobile unit is also equipped with both a 6000 Watt Honda generator that can run constantly for 24 hours and a 110 volt system that can be plugged in if available. Having the ability to be self-sufficient allows the mobile unit to be parked in the quietest places, instead of where an outlet is available. This allows the employee to have the best possible environment attainable to take the hearing test, and is another advantage that Phicore has that sets us apart from our competitors in the Pacific Northwest.

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