Phicore's services are delivered to our clients by one of the most state-of-the-art mobile health services unit ever built in the United States! Its custom construction took the most care in providing the highest level of sound proofing available to this industry!

Audiometric testing in our mobile health unit is conducted using eight state-of-the-art Tremetrics RA 650 microprocessor audiometers. These audiometers have computer-voice instructed testing and monitoring, automatic pre-test instructions, advanced software that adapts automatically with difficult-to-test subjects, and multi-media hearing testing in the subject's preferred language!

Phicore conducts an NLS using a DT-805 Mini-Pro Type II Sound Level Meter. We take several measurements at different locations within the workplace. After appropriate sound level meter readings are obtained, we can draw "maps" of the sound levels within different areas of the workplace. By using a sound level "map" and information on employee locations throughout the day, estimates of individual exposure levels can be developed. This measurement method is generally referred to as "area" noise monitoring.

Welcome to our family!
Hearing Conservation is what we do…
A passion for preventing noise induced hearing loss defines who we are!

Rick Uncangco

We specialize in providing industry with comprehensive hearing conservation program services:
 Mobile Audiometric Hearing
 Noise Level Surveys
 24 hours 7 Days a week  Dosimetry Studies
 Hearing Conservation Training  HCP records management
 Hearing Protection Fitting  Custom Hearing Protection

AGC of Washington Safety Team Member

Phicore is compelled by servicing the needs of our clients. Our goal is to create and maintain personal relationships with people to insure that the highest quality of service is provided.

“Life friends” is not only the meaning of Phicore but it is the philosophy by which we conduct our business and the foundation by which we create our relationships with our customers.  We are not in the industry to become the biggest and largest HCP service provider in the Pacific Northwest.  We are in the industry to become the best!  By creating and nurturing “lifelong friendships” with the people in our industry, we have become the new touchstone of service by which all other hearing conservation programs will follow!

Phicore is dedicated and committed to servicing your needs personally, with less interest in becoming a large corporation that continually wants more, but ultimately gives you less. Keeping it
old school with customer service, yet utilizing the most technologically advanced mobile health unit in the US for hearing tests, we will continually raise the bar of excellence in the hearing conservation industry!


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